Friday, 30 October 2009

Paris when it sizzles!!!

I had such a lovely holiday week with my family in Paris. My sister is a lucky lady to live there.
Shopping, delicious food and wine, just walking around seeing all the beautiful buildings and parks.. always so chic and elegant city!

My favorite place in Paris, Sacré-Coeur

"Amélie café" Des Deux Moulins.
Such a cute place to have a glass of Kir Royal

Mmmm, snails and oysters.. with champagne!

There was a Christian Louboutin store right next to our hotel..


  1. Paris at night...that is what I long to see. Loving these photographs! :)

  2. Oh, Paris! Maybe someday... I'd love to travel there. Your pictures are amazing and it makes me want to visit Paris soon! Love the blog!

  3. This looks SO incredibly amazing! I bet you had a fantastic time. The christian louboutin store looks like a dream.

  4. Oh you lucky girl.
    Paris is always worth a travel especially when you can meet with your family and spend some time together. I´m sure you had a fabulous time!

    The store with the red soles shoes... LOOOVE it ;)

    Happy sweet weekend to you!

  5. oh dear, I just heart paris! it's my fav. european city. I go there once or twice a year, to shop, eat, and enjoy the city!


  6. Oh my- what a fabulous trip! And a Louboutin?! Amazing! Have a nice weekend XOXO

  7. Beautiful pics, darling! :) The food looks delicious!

  8. I'm so jealous that your sister lives in Paris. That Christian Louboutin store= amazing! I would love to go to Paris someday.