Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Giorno di Principessa

(Runway Versace, make-up pic Valentino)

I know this might sound childish but I sometimes really need to escape for a while from the daily tasks by arranging some extra pampering with girly things. Even though I don't wear lots of pink, I like the color still in some things like in my scrab book, some jewerlies, make-up bags, lipglosses, blush etc.. And the little princess inside of me still adores Hello Kitty (even though it is too common these days) and I love to visit the Camomilla store here in Milan just to look around and buy something special for myself.

(Dior powder + shimmer, Shiseido hydro powder + eyeshadow, Roger Gallet soap, Yamamay underwear, Naf Naf dress, Lanvin dress)

(Vera Wang Twist wire pink tourmaline ring, Juicy Couture Crown necklace, Hello Kitty Diamond necklace, Hello Kitty Pave band ring, Chanel Thick logo ring, Chanel Peace and heart charm bracelet, Alexis Bittar Dogwood flower cuff, Alex Woo Little princess crown pendant)

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  1. We need a Camomilla store here too! It looks like such a pretty girly store. :) I think we all have little princesses in us that will never go away. Hello Kitty makes us all smile!

  2. So amazing pieces, darling!


  3. all the photos...everything are so pretty especially that 1st photo!!! Yeah i do wear pink eyeshadow sometime,lol!!!

  4. Gorgeous pink post, darling! Love all those fab frocks!


  5. LOVE all the colors, especially the Lanvin dress. And
    how cute is this Hello Kitty smart ;)

    Good night!!!

  6. The last Versace dress and Lanvin are very pretty!

    Oh, i love that Alexis Bittar flower cuff...i am a fan of his pieces! :)

  7. Ooh, I need that Hello Kitty room. And the Hello Kitty car. J'adore Hello Kitty and the color pink. Oh, Lily Donaldson looks dreamy in this picture. She is so unbelievably beautiful! :)

  8. What a pretty pretty post. That Vera Wang ring is so yummy!

  9. something about pink makes me feel super girly and glamorous! i love that make-up in the first couple pictures.. almost like real life barbie!

  10. O.M.G i love the ring of hello kitty if someone know how much it cost plizz tell me $$$$$$$$