Sunday, 2 August 2009

10 Cose Felici nella Mia Vita

I haven't done this kind of list here in my blog before but inspired by lovely fashionistas Couture Carrie and Allison from La Dolce Vita, I wanted to share something of my life. These following things give so much joy:

1. My loved ones

My family; mother, father and little sister have been always been the most important things in my life. Unfortunately at this moment I'm not living very close to them because they are in Finland while I have been already half a year in Milan and thinking of staying at least a year more here. Fortunately my sister is moving a bit closer soon, to study in Paris so I will see her more often. Anyway I talk to all of them as often as possible via Skype using the videocamera, so I'm happy to see them and know how they are doing.
The other loved ones are my relatives and my dear friends, some of them here in Italy while others at home or in other places of the world. Many of them are so important and close to me and it never changes even though I can't see them for a while.

2. Delicious things

I feel very passionate about eating and cooking good food. In Italy they would say I am "golosa". There are not many things that can make me more satisfied than a great meal with family and friends.
Cooking is my favorite hobby and I love looking at the cookbooks for new recipes (even though I rarely follow them, they are more like an inspiration source) and I feel so satisfied if I can make a delicious dish (specially if I have made up the recipe myself!)
Then I'm addicted to sweets and desserts. I love chocolate, ice cream candies, pastries.. It's really my weak point. But I always try to eat them in moderation so I never feel too guilty about it :)

3. Dance & Music

I have danced since I was 5 years old starting with ballet to folk dance to flamenco. Now I really would like to learn more salsa and bachata. I carry my iPod where ever I go and I like many various kinds of music depending on my mood.

4. Fashion, Beauty & Design

I love these things, they give me so much for my life as an inspiration. In general I love everything that is beautiful, that looks good and gives pleasure. To make these happen there is a talent behind which I appreciate and admire very much. Fashion is one of the reasons I wanted to come to live here in Milan.
I have been interested in the world of beauty so much that in addition to my graduate in university I did additional studies and turned to be a fashion make-up artist. In the future my ideal job would be working for a big cosmetics company in an advertising and marketing department.
Currently I'm working for a design company which has added my interest to this field. The great thing about Milan is that these tree things are exposed here in a special way with all the fairs, exhibitions and fashion weeks but as well also in everyday life.


5. Weather

I'm really a kind of person for who the weather can make or break the day.

6. Profumi

I'm totally addicted to all perfumed products. I love perfumes themselves but also the smells of a showergel, bodylotion, other creams, lipgloss, shampoo, even my cleaning products have to have a gorgeous smell (and then they somehow have to work all together too)

I have felt like this since I was a little girl. My mum has said that a good sense of smell runs in our family. When I was 10 years old I got the opportunity to visit a perfume factory in Grasse in France. My reaction was instant, I loved all of it!
I think I'm very aware that I live in a world filled with different smells. I even wrote my marketing thesis in university of luxury perfume ads (a semiotic analysis of 9 advertisements, it was such a fun thing to do)

7. My Favorite Films & TV-series

I love films that make me feel happy, get inspired or just to enjoy. For example my ultimate favorite "Amelié" just amazingly cheers me up every time, making me think about how beautiful life is. Then some lovely French/Italian films and almost all the ones with Audrey Hepburn make me eager to live my life in as elegant way as possible. From the series I like the most Gossip Girl, Project Runway, The Hills, The City, Desperate Housewives, SATC, etc..

8. Macaroons & Sparking wine

My favorite pastries with my favorite drink! There is nothing that can make me feel more like a chic French princess!

9. Italy

My other home. The way of life here is really beautiful. "La bella vita" exists at least for me. Milan is a perfect place to work, to live, to spend good time going shopping and for an aperitivo with friends. Then for holidays you can escape to other places still so close where you can totally relax and enjoy all the amazing things this country has to offer from culture to food to music to the people to the variable landscapes and nature..

The cooking and eating here is so great. You can find such a wide selection of ingredients. I love the breads, cheeses and good wines without even starting to talk about pasta, risotto and gnocchi. I adore going to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. I do it at least once in a week, sometimes changing locality depending on my needs. Then I might also find such hidden treasures there like jewelries, bags, shoes etc..

I think I have changed here as a person. I don't stress about little things anymore like I used to, I've become less worried about my future, I'm just more in a good place in my life. I have always loved to take care of myself but now but I do it in a more natural way without thinking too much. You have to see it yourself how the italian signorinas walk on the streets looking amazing without trying too hard. Just dressing simple but always wearing cured outfits, with a pair of sunglasses, a good quality handbag and shoes with shiny hair and fine make-up. It's totally "La bella figura"!

10. Making every day glamorous!

Dress and look always your best, even at home in your comfy clothing. I'm romantic and I love to make myself feel special with carefully done make-up, pampering myself with manicure, doing treatments to my face and body using divine products. Then I love to make delicious things to eat and watch a film or a tv-serie right for my mood. With my best friend we do these "girls nights" together with a special theme with all the things taken in consideration with our outfits, drinks, food and music, it's so cute! So my suggestion is to make everyday special and fabulous, it's so worth it!

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  1. Love this post, darling! We have so much in common. And those pictures of desserts...oh, they've made me tres hungry! :)

  2. Zupu, I love this post especially the pics you chose!

    P.S Glad you enjoyed the vid! :) Happy Sunday to you too.

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  4. that is the sweetest 10 things...i can relate to most of them already...!!!

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  7. thank you so much for sharing!!! the weather by the way, really shapes me day.

  8. Very interesting post! I love Italian language (only know some words) Italian ice cream and Italian music.

    Happy days!

  9. Hi darling! Wonderful, wonderful post! Wish you a fabulous day,