Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Victoria Becks

(Vogue India November 2008)

I was happy to read news about Victoria that she wishes to go back to more natural look. I'm not the biggest fan of her in general but I still like her style. I hope that reducing a bit her implants and being a bit less plastic Barbi-doll, she will look even better in the future. And I do love her Hermés bags!!!

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  1. I love her whatever her breast size, I guess... I don't know why she decided to get rid of the implants, do you? Was there a problem with them?

    Fabulous photos of Vivky Becks ~ I miss her long hair!


  2. I read somewhere she has spent over $2 mil in Hermes bags! They all look so fabulous though.
    I'm a huge fan of hers, I've always thought she always looks so gorgeous and chic all the time (even with her huge boobs - she can pull it off in a very un Pamela Anderson type of slutty way ;)

  3. I read on the site of Italian Elle that she is not happy with the size and wishes to reduce them just to make them more normal and less made-looked.

    I also adore how she always looks immaculate and fab although she is a mother and often bringing her kids with her when she shops and travels. She must have several nurses but still it's an achievement!

  4. I like Victoria in 3/4 dresses and skirts. I love her hair style.


  5. is she really going to reduce her implants? they look so hideous bc she looks like she is starving. but, no one can deny that she has impeccable fashion sense. even her questionable choices are fabulous compared to some other people. and she seems to be a wonderful mother to her three boys.

  6. I'm waiting for this change:)

  7. i'm not so fond of her. she's a good fashionista but i prefer normal wemen with shaped body, not so skinny