Sunday, 17 May 2009

Tesori di Padma Lakshmi

This jewelry collection of an ex top model Padma Lakshmi is just so beautiful with an Indian nuance. Sadly just available at the moment in New York at Bergdorf Goodman..

I need to look for similar ones here in Milan. Maybe if I'm lucky I could find some treasures at the open air market where they sell foreign accessories. I adore specially the triple necklace and the bracelets!

(pics and info from


  1. They are gorgeous. I love jewellery like that, especially those drop down green earrings.

  2. Wow! Love these, especially the ring connected to the bracelet... so sexy!


  3. I loveee Padma - I think she is absolutely stunning, and I'm a hugeee fan of her jewelry line as well!

  4. I die for the Entire Collection! I went to see at Bergdorf's, but all sold out the 3rd week or so, they were doing wait list!