Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nicole Richie Style '05

I started to like Nicole Richie since she changed her style after the first and the second season of Simple Life with the help of my favourite stylist Rachel Zoe. I still like her a lot now but even more I adore the looks that she had a few years ago starting from 2005. I specially love the flowy dresses and tops, still an inspiration to me for summer clothing. Also her evening pieces are beautiful.

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  1. Oh I just loveee Nicole Richie! Seriously, her style has completelyyy changed, and I'm so happy about that :) Not only does she always look boho chic and so pulled together, she's got that preggers chic look nailed too!
    Great post and great pics for inspiration!

  2. Love her style too!
    I'm so glad she changed her style so much after the simple life :)